Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Carpet and Such!

We went and got some pricing on our carpet today. 1900 Sq. ft. of carpet ain't cheap, let me tell ya! On top of that we are putting a wood floor in the dining room instead of carpet. Eep. Major bonus: We have a 2-year same as cash deal to pay for it, which will help ease the pain. That's what we get for buying a house at a great price and fixing up a few things ourselves.

Now, if we can just keep three boys aged 20-months to 8-years from spilling all sorts of various food items on this carpet, we'll be good-to-go!

Stacie and the boys just headed up the road after a visit. The misery. I can't wait to get them all down here. The boys are more fun than a sack of confused weasels. And having Stacie around... Well, that is what life and love are all about!

We'll be homeschooling again this year. Gabe will be in the second grade and Ethan will be starting the first grade. Little Caden will just be tagging along for the ride. He loves to sit and listen to mommy read to him. Amazing what those little goobers can learn when you pay attention to them!

Once we close on the house there is plenty to do in that area. Stacie has the bulk of her homeschool stuff packed up for the move, so the first week or two could get interesting while we are in transition. It will be neat to have a whole spare bedroom to turn into the homeschool room. We can actually have a dining room again! How weird is that? Though, I imagine we will still hunker down at the breakfast table for most of our meals. Sitting all close to each other and enjoying that family time each evening is a bonus. Touching elbows can be a good thing! Plus, it's easier for me to swipe bits of Stacie's good cooking from everyone else's plate.

Oh - Stacie and the boys finally got to spend some time in the library downtown this morning. She had to pry them out of there and when they picked me up for lunch the conversation was all about spiders and adventure. Caden just walked around and said, "Hello!" to everybody within 25 feet of Stacie. He likes to point and his mommy and announce that she is, "Mama!" to anyone who will listen. Stacie says they have a nice collection of books for the kids. I can't wait until I can take them over there.


Anonymous said...

Not just books... they have a pretty good selection of movies, too.

Daisy said...

Great work.