Sunday, August 26, 2007

Let's Play Ball!

Gabe went all season (2006) without a basket. He had missed a few, but he didn't understand much of the game in his first year, so getting in to position for an easy bucket didn't always click. So we preached the offensive rebound his last game of the season. And, wa-la! His first ever hoop, recorded by his grandma for all to see.

Now they call Gabe "Dikembe" and he stands a good head -and sometimes shoulders, too - above all the other kids his age. At 8 years and 3 months he stands at 5'1" and is a shot blocking monster. So we are excited about the possibilities of the new sports complex being built here in Sanford by Chris Palme and Craig Sturdivant. We would have the boys right over!

Here's to hoping they make it a success.

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