Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Have patience, have patience... (Do you know the tune?)

I'm guessing that there is a huge, huge rush on termite inspections in the greater Sanford area, and here's why:

1. Thursday - I called local Termite Inspection Company A. They took a message. I never heard back.
2. Friday - I called local Termite Inspection Company B. They took a message. I never heard back.
3. Monday - I called local Termite Inspection Company C. They took a message. I never heard back.

Oh, my phone works. It's my office phone, and people get through to me - All. The. Time.

So, I must believe that these people are absolutely slammed with business. And so closing on my house is getting more frustrating by the minute. I think the next company I call I am just going to tell the receptionist to go ahead and set an appointment, and that I don't need anyone to "call me back."


Esbee said...

Joe Jon, my understanding is that it is the SELLER'S responsibility to provide a clean termite inspection. Check with your agent, but I think the other side should be working on this.

That said, we have had amazingly good experiences with Orkin in two states now.

Joe Jon said...

Hmmm... I'v e always been told it was the buyer's responsibility. That is odd. I asked my agent, and he said that is how he has always known it to work. And the seller's agent told me the same thing. Weird. Either way it is an inexpensive inspection, I believe.

I called Orkin here, and they said they do not do real estate closing inspections. How weird is that?

Thanks for the note!

Garrick said...

Did you try Sandhills Pest Control? They are normally pretty responsive.

Orkin only wants those who are either doing a whole house treatment or who want to set-up a monthly spray program.

Joe Jon said...

Thanks, Garrick! I'll be calling them this morning!

Leatherwing said...

I'm with Esbee, I thought it was seller's responsibility. I know the final details can be painfully slow. Hope the pace picks up.