Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fairview Dairy Bar

Fairview Dairy Bar
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The Fairview Dairy Bar is a nice place to get a home cooked meal. I have eaten there thrice now - twice alone and once with the wife and kids - and have discovered that the food is tasty and the atmosphere is pleasant.

Oh, I could argue over the portion size a bit, I suppose. My kids eat like they know there is a widespread famine just around the corner. So, they were understandably disappointed to get served a plate where only about 1/3 of it was actually covered with food. But it held them over until the ice cream came, which seemed plentiful enough. I liked the liver and onions with the fried okra cooked just like my mom used to make it. And my wife enjoyed a nice vegetable plate and a little sundae.

They say you always see someone you know there, so being a new guy in town I was skeptical. But, alas, a co-worker walked over as she was leaving and said hello and met the family.

The wait staff was very pleasant in that "welcome to our country diner" kind of way. I love it when they call you "honey" and "sugar" and "sweetie" and what not. Can it get any more cozy than that?

The customers seem friendly here, too. When our 19-month old screamed out once like he had just been attacked by toddler-snatching zombies under the table the little old ladies next to us just gave us a pleasant smile and made several ,"Aw, isn't he a cutie," type comments. Go figure!

I discovered that the lunch crowd packs the place out between 11:30 and 1:00, so I have stuck to evening meals, thus far. But I hope to go by one night around 10:00 PM (they're open 'til 11:00!) and get a little treat before bed time.

In the immortal words of Terminator I: "I'll be back!"

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