Friday, July 20, 2007

More at the Function

Thursday's "Function at the Junction" brought out three things: good music, a decent sized crowd, and a great deal of heat!
Roger Hester & The High Country Men picked and grinned (more like 'grin and bear it' with the 95 degree temps) for a couple of hundred bluegrass fans at The Depot. I think a few more would have come out, but it was pretty hot out there in the sun. Winston-Salem has a number of events centered around music. I'm glad Sanford, though very small in population numbers, makes an effort to have an event where people can come together. I have met no less than a dozen people and had good conversations with them just in the last two weeks. It was a great deal of fun to see some of them back this week.
These guys were pretty good! It's great to know there is a little bluegrass - my personal favorite - to be found in Sanford.
The crowd pushed back into the shade for the most part. When the sun set behind the downtown buildings things cooled off quickly. That cool breeze felt great at 8:40, when the band was winding down. I wish they played another hour or two, but they were kind enough to go beyond their 8:30 stop time.
It didn't cool quickly enough for Caden, who threw off his shirt and hit the fountain with his brothers and several other kids seeking some cool relief. I can see this fountain is a great
attraction in the summer afternoons. My three sons loved it and are already begging to go back.

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