Sunday, July 15, 2007

Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market
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This past Wednesday I dropped in on the local Farmer's Market. There were actually three vehicles involved, though this photo shows just two. One gentleman packed up his baskets and other goods as a storm loomed ominously overhead.

Sue Buie is shown in the foreground. She sells at markets seven days a week, and was doing a pretty decent business on this day.

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Her prices were comparable to many supermarket prices, but you can't get the freshness there. She picked these items from her garden that morning. These veggies didn't sit on a truck from California all week. Her field peas ran out in the first few minutes. The watermelons and okra looked terrific.

Sue Buie
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In the 15 minutes I was with her this was a part of about 30 seconds she had no one to sell to. Buie farms several acres each year, which is enough to keep her moving those seven days a week. I enjoyed talking to her. Just another of the friendly folks in this region.

Sue Mashburn
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The other Sue at the market sits with her freshly picked goods. Sue Mashburn said she didn't have enough in her garden to go to the larger markets. This farmer's market suited her just fine. She had a few peppers and some green beans among her freshly picked items.

Between Buie and Mashburn there was enough to get your fresh vegetables and put something fresh in the pot for a few nights. They'll be back every Wednesday and Saturday, so come ready to get farm fresh goodness right from our local farmers.

Get more info on the Sanford Farmer's Market.

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How can I get in touch with these ladies in order to buy some field peas in Sanford?