Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What To Do, What To Do

We looked at homes in Carolina Trace, Cameron, and northern Sanford today. The relocation effort is stalling a bit, but we remain hopeful that we will choose a home soon. Amazing how nothing seems to come together in our search for a new home. We really like three of the houses we visited tonight but there was something wrong with each one.

Home 1 has the best house but the worst lot.

Home 2 has the best lot but the worst house.

Home 3 finished in second place in the house and lot categories.

Note that by "worst" I mean least acceptable.

The best house was very large, but required a bit of work on the inside. Oh, and that 421 bypass is only about 150 feet behind the house. Eep. But we loved the size and set-up of the home itself. Loved it. But who wants big rigs buzzing through the back yard (thus the worst lot)?

The other home had a m-o-n-s-t-e-r back yard with privacy fence and play set, but it was the smallest house of the three. We need another bedroom (or bonus room). It was very nice, and we could make do, but the space is a critical part of living with three little boys.

The home in second place had a very nice house but smallish yard. The house wasn't as big as the one in first place in that category, but it would need very, very little done to it to move in, and it had that much needed bonus room (we homeschool, so the bonus room makes for a good classroom).

Oh, the agony of trying to decide. Weighing the factors, including homeowner association/recreation fees and what to do with our two Labrador Retrievers, is tough. Hopefully we can have a sense of peace and get into a house very soon.


Esbee said...

location, location, location. You can always change the house, but you cannot move the lot or make it bigger.

Get the best lot in the best location, and make do with the house while you slowly bring it to be what you need.

Children are adaptable. Follow their lead. :)

Joe Jon said...

Thanks, Esbee. It's going to be a tough choice, for sure. Hopefully we can get our home sold very soon. That would make it all much easier!!!

Leatherwing said...

Gotta agree with Esbee. We bought our current house without paying attention to location. Now we are trying to sell and all potential buyers are turned off by the things we ignored.

Sorry that your leaving W-S, but hope you find the right spot soon.

BTW, I've sent some friends who are in the market links to your place on. Selling it will make everything easier.